Lighting in the apartment: comfort and convenience

Lighting in the apartment: comfort and convenience
 Lighting is an important part of the design of almost all buildings, particularly residential. In this case, if it is carefully and properly planned - it will not only create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, but also help protect eyesight households.
 There are several types of illumination that is used in the flats - it can be shared, local or combined. In addition, a wide range of different lighting allows to show imagination in the regeneration zone with intense or soft diffused lighting. In their selection should pay attention to how they distribute the light flux. So, for example, ceiling lights should not give direct light, so you need to decide in advance, whether to give preference to the scattered light or reflected, and depending on it to pick up or cover with the corresponding optical properties or chandelier, the light output of which will be directed to the ceiling.

When choosing lighting is very important to consider the purpose of the room. For example, the bathroom should give preference spotlights or closed covers. In the living room would be appropriate chandelier with a bright light and a few additional local light sources. Do not forget about the hall, which largely affects the overall impression of the apartment. It should not be dull and gloomy - so there will need bright overhead lighting, which can be supplemented located on either side of the mirror with small lamps.

To ensure comfort in the children's room and in the bedroom, as well as a recreation area, to avoid sharp contrasts of light and shadow. To do this, it is important to properly locate the point of light, in addition to using the upper light source additional sources of scattered light. This can be a table lamp, floor lamp or lamps whose light can select the most beautiful objects that are in the room. If such objects at the same time have fancy shapes, for example, if this is a decorative flower arrangement or snag - at the expense of shadow play room can be given a unique flavor.

In the regeneration of the lighting in the kitchen is worth emphasis on local coverage, which should be located in the main dining room table and work surfaces. If you plan and general lighting, the kitchen it should be diffused, so you need to choose the appropriate cover and lamp output not exceeding 60-75 watts.

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