Japanese style: showy minimalism in the details

Japanese style: showy minimalism in the details
 Japanese style in the interior, which combines the traditions of Buddhism, is becoming increasingly popular. His characteristic minimalism to create a concise manner and get kind of room. In a similar style can be arranged as a house, and some of its rooms.
 Asceticism of this style is caused by internal attitude of a man who lives in harmony with nature and preference for spiritual goods, not chasing after material. Create an environment that corresponds to the country of the rising sun, is not difficult, it is only necessary to obtain a clear harmony between the interior. This delicate balance corresponds to the philosophical concept: no frills inspires and opens the way to the main search box.

For wall decoration uses natural materials, it can be cane or rice wallpaper. Welcome picture characters or natural elements. Often, instead of walls you can see the paper partitions and screens. Blinds can replace the usual curtains.

Japanese-style interior - is the most free space. This tendency to protect the small size of the premises, which were home to the Japanese. In an attempt to somehow expand the space and make it more functional, the Japanese minimize the amount of furniture, focusing on the use of natural materials. In Japanese tradition used wood, cane, rice paper. Today attitude towards a more democratic and furniture to create it using more modern materials, including plastic, but it is not possible to achieve complete harmony with nature.

Concisely is a feature that distinguishes the design in the Japanese style. Therefore, all the furniture is quite simple, has a clear geometric shapes. Instead of a bed is often used podium, located just a few tens of centimeters from the floor. Other articles of furniture is also quite low. Instead of armchairs and chairs can be used floor cushions.

The color scheme of the interior is quite monotonous, often used several colors, working on the contrast. There will not find shades of mahogany or bright green, Japanese style adheres to the dark and light tones. Add color is possible by means of accessories, but they should not be too much. One space more than enough bright kimono hanging on the wall, or a folding fan.

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