Italian style in the interior

Italian style in the interior
 Italian style, which is present in the interior, give a wonderful feeling of comfort. This style always looks organically. To decorate a room in the Italian style, you need to have an understanding of some decorating techniques. You can create an Italian mood in any room of the apartment, especially in the kitchen.

To begin with it should be noted that the use for decoration only natural wood, natural stone or quality imitation. Floor must be covered with wooden floorboards, tiles or decorative stone. To create an Italian interior, on the walls is necessary to impose a decorative plaster, which will go well with a stone or brickwork.

If you allow the height of the ceiling, then you can finish wood paneling and exposed beams. It is this finish will bring a special charm to the kitchen design. Italian style - a game textures and contrasting colors. Rough plaster can only emphasize the elegance of the pattern tile. In the kitchen, it is best to establish a smooth table top made of natural stone.

When choosing colors for finishing the kitchen is best to favor rich, natural colors. Use deep blue Italian sky. You can also apply color lush green Tuscan hills. Warmth in the interior can be created using red, orange and yellow. Dark wood will be reminded of the old olive trees, oak trees and grapevines.

Be sure to mention one more deceptive tendency Italian interior - the use of completely unimaginable bright colors, which is used to draw the classic pieces of furniture. As a result, traditional intricately curved chest of drawers, a chair, a table will become bright pink, green, orange color. All of this will look quite unusual and provocatively, but note that in this situation would look just rich high-quality, authentic Italian furniture.

For Italian food should be made massive wooden furniture. It will submit its thoroughness. May attract the attention of worktop made of marble.

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