How to choose a kitchen interior

How to choose a kitchen interior
 For any hostess kitchen interior is important, however, than the interior living room or bedroom, because no one else in the family is not so much time in the kitchen as a woman.  

Why mistress? Yes, because not all women like to do kitchen chores and just quietly hate everything associated with it.

We are not talking about them. It's about a woman, the owner and her favorite space in the apartment - the kitchen. Here it should be adjusted so that the kitchen has become the center for family gathering. And not only the family. Friends came by chance to the light, will be only too happy to sit in a cozy kitchen and a cup of tea.

Requirements for kitchen interiors each family their own. How to choose the interior of the kitchen? It's very simple - to your liking. If a woman to impose even the most fashioned, stylish, beautiful interior, the kitchen is not her favorite place. You can only help her tips on how to choose the right interior.

The kitchen should be quiet, but not dull colors, with the obligatory presence of some bright islands. Kitchen furniture is better to choose a functional, each item will be required to perform, its intrinsic function. Therefore, excess furniture should not be.

In our time, go into the history of the use of a fork instead of a mixer, crushing some products in a mortar. It is time to household appliances, including kitchen. But as our architects still do not pay enough attention to the kitchen space, equipment must be built so as not to take up much space.

In the kitchen normal size it is not necessary to install a washing machine - its place in the bathroom. Its place in the kitchen can take machine washing.

Do not forget to hold the wiring all over the kitchen, so as not to enter later in the kitchen interior wires from different extensions.

Kitchen interior is decorated not only furniture, properly fitted lamp, bar or bright islands, for example, in the form of a table with colored chairs. Particularly noteworthy design window. It should be in a quiet style, without frills and canopies.

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