How to choose a cornice for curtains

How to choose a cornice for curtains
 Curtains - this is what makes the house more comfortable. Curtains can be very different - tulle, silk, black, light. But for each of them need a decent frame. That it should be and cornices. Only need to pick them up correctly, or cornice can significantly spoil the interior of the whole apartment.

Oddly enough, but refers to the choice of the cornice should be very seriously. After all, except that it sets the tone for the interior, there are still some features. Firstly, the cornice must match the style of curtains and the overall design of the room. However, it should be remembered that the cornice should be suited to all the curtains, which is in the house.

When you purchase the eaves should be considered and how much you are going to hang him. And then you need to take into account the severity of curtains. On plastic moldings is physically impossible to put heavy drapes. They immediately break.

If more decorative cornice function, the designers are advised to choose the round. They are attached to the ceiling and beautiful look like stucco. In addition, with the help of the cornice can visually expand or narrow space. For example, to increase the window opening, you need to choose a cornice wider. And to narrow, choose a model which corresponds exactly to the width of the window.

When selecting the eaves do not forget about hooks. After all, if they are bad to slide in the grooves, stuck, it will create difficulties in opening the curtains.

Also, choosing a cornice, you need to pay attention to the material from which it is made. Here, for example, wood. They are of two types: flat and rings. And even here we must look carefully at which model is right for your room. Although in terms of comfort is wooden eaves - the ideal solution for any home.

Those who have a house with modern furniture in the style of Hi-Tech suitable metal cornices. Especially look good such moldings for the kitchen.

In general, you can now choose a cornice for every taste and color. It would be a desire. The main thing, even for such a seemingly simple purchase approached with the utmost care. And then you have at home will always be comfortable and happy.

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