Female interior style: the main features

Female interior style: the main features
 Conditional division of interiors for female and male - this is not a design fabrication. According to some psychologists, representatives of different genders really often have different ideas about a good home improvement. There was even formed a special feminine style of the interior, which is often used, for example, when you make room for the girls.
 Female style appropriate to the boudoir, bedroom and office ladies. Its main features - comfort, reliability and security, and in some cases also seclusion, isolation from the outside world. For women's style is not typical, for example, the use of panoramic windows, which helped to visually unify the room with space outside the window. On the contrary, strong walls and curtains or blinds on the windows are designed to close the room from the outside world.

In the women's interior is dominated by smooth lines and rounded shapes. Pieces of furniture can be complemented by exquisite furniture and walls - decorated with ornate patterns. Smooth lines has a calming and relaxing effect, while an abundance of strict forms and sharp corners can instill a sense of anxiety, tension. When choosing a color scheme preference for soft, light, muted shades. The exceptions are the interiors boudoirs intended mainly for the love meetings: these rooms can be decorated in red tones.

Special role in the creation of women's intimate interior play textiles and decor. The abundance of soft, pleasant to the touch fabric gives a feeling of comfort. On the couch or bed can be decomposed small pillows, which will also help make the interior more comfortable and "warm". Decorative elements should also be a lot of them, moreover, can be a variety of things: family photos, mirrors, souvenirs brought back from travels, gifts from loved ones, items made with their own hands and so forth.

And finally, you need to take care of the organization of lighting. It has to be a point, ie, instead of one large chandeliers better use sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, etc., located in different parts of the room. This allows you to quickly and easily change the lighting when needed. The light should be soft, warm, diffused, not too bright. He will emphasize the comfort and security of the interior.

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