Choosing curtains and drapes

Choosing curtains and drapes
 The easiest interior looks stylish and elegant thanks to the indispensable parts - curtains and drapes. And two hundred years ago (in the dictionary Dahl) and today these words are interpreted the same way: the curtains. The only difference is that the curtains have long called curtains of heavy matter for windows and doors ("dvernitsy") and curtains - a variety of window curtains.  

Artfully chosen ready-made curtains or made-to-order can be a highlight of your home. Children's room, office, bedroom, living room, kitchen - in every room curtains are different and differently will "play their role." Some emphasize the efficiency, the other - the harmony of decoration and its conviviality, comfort. Curtains to make the room bright and spacious, protection from the sun and cold, absorb unwanted noise and relieve from prying eyes. Standard or fancy options "window dress" - a lot.

Many people prefer the classic curtains - treated different lengths of cloth curtain fabrics hanging from the eaves to the floor. Their diverse combined with transparent tulle, whose purpose is not only beauty, but also the dispersion of direct sunlight.

Roman blinds are more whimsical care. Their fabric horizontally collected in uniform pleats using rigid rods, lowered and raised cords. They vdevayutsya sewn into the canvas ring. The harder the material, the more rings - lifting equipment. Roman shades often choose if they want more insulation: This option allows you to sew the lining. And the tissue will be spent on such curtains half.

According to the technology of window decorations are close to the Austrian Roman blinds. They also fold like an accordion, with the help of cords, but gently. Lower margin going into beautiful festoons. More plastic than the fabric, the drape such puffs effective.

France gave the windows curtains with your name. In contrast to the Austrian they always is gathered, and therefore perceived even softer, smoother. Italian curtains are convenient in that they do not need to constantly expand: a piece of rope through the ring, tightening the fabric from the end of the cornice on the diagonal. Completely different look Japanese curtains (often called the screen panel). Their design is similar to vertical blinds, but the width of the panels - more, and they can not be rotated. Extendable and can be one-sided, and central. "Plus" Japanese curtains is that they do not accumulate dust.

Blinds with weighting at the bottom are good for use on balconies, verandas cottages, in children, health institutions: their material, which is screwed onto the roller at the top of the window, you can soak the anti-dust and anti-static compositions.

Kind of roller blinds - blinds. They are fixed on a special guide on the very window frame (wooden, plastic, aluminum). Convenient in that they fit snugly against the window glass, easy to assemble in a special box tape, and thanks to a special holder can be used on windows and attic.

Making blinds and curtains - a fertile field of activity for artists and designers, and ordinary housewives. Today in fabric stores you can buy the most bizarre interior textile colors and textures, from natural and synthetic materials; with embroidery, fringe, tassels, beads, crystals, etc. You can decorate the window lambrequins, fancy sagged, assemblies. The choice is yours.

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