Choosing a bath: cast iron or acrylic?

Choosing a bath: cast iron or acrylic?
 What bath choose? In organizing the space bathroom answer to this question is of paramount importance. Indeed, the capacity for swimming is the main object in the premises of the functional purpose.
 Fortunately, the modern market is ready to please consumers a rich variety of baths. However, they differ not only in size and shape, but also the material performance. And sometimes it is this parameter plays a decisive role in choosing the bathroom. So, how to choose a bath?

Cast iron or acrylic tub? Advantages and disadvantages

For many years the market was dominated by cast iron baths. They are currently in stock. However, in the modern world make them compete with acrylic tank for bathing.

So what is the best bath of cast iron or acrylic? In fact, there are advantages and disadvantages in volume, and in another case.

Advantages of cast iron bathtubs are numerous. This strength and durability, and ability to retain heat for a long time. However, with an impressive number of advantages are available for products of the iron and some disadvantages. In particular - weight. Raise iron bath even small size is very difficult. Similarly, easy to dismantle and similar units. During repairs, removal of old and the rise of a new cast-iron bath threatens to fly a lot of money.

Another thing - acrylic bathtubs. They weigh very little, but differ a good indicator of strength. In addition, the acrylic tank for bathing varied in terms of design. The vast majority of whirlpools are made just acrylic.

Acrylic is also called Plexiglas. This polymeric material which, when combined with particular liquid capable of forming a thick rapidly solidified mass.

Here are just acrylic much easier to damage than cast iron. Acrylic surface is easily scratched. Furthermore, such a bath is not capable of withstanding high temperature water and not tolerate contact with chemicals. Even soaked underwear powder in acrylic bath is not recommended!

Is it better to cast iron or acrylic tub - everyone decides for himself. But regardless of the preferred material of execution, the bathroom should choose very cautiously.

How to choose a cast iron bath

When deciding what to choose iron bath in the first place should pay attention to the quality of the enamel. It should not be cracks and chips.

The inner surface of the iron bath to be perfectly flat. Visible to the naked eye, dents or bulges undulating say about the poor quality of production. Most likely, such a long bath will not serve on it too quickly formed rust.

Also worth exploring and an outer surface. It also should be smooth, free of defects and depressions. Thus, it is possible to assess the quality of casting.

Some cast iron bathtub manufacturers applied enamel spray and outer walls. This unit will last longer because the enamel protects against corrosion of iron.

Enamel - vitreous solid coating bonded onto the inner surface of the bath at high temperatures.

How to choose acrylic bathtub

Extremely popular today are acrylic bathtubs - how to choose a similar and what to look for?

In this case great importance is the wall thickness. Too thin walls will testify about the low quality acrylic sheet used. The same talk and a large number of bends in the shape of the container. After bend too tight, so - quality acrylic will not work.

Furthermore, the role played by the quality of the reinforcement. Protective reinforcing layer makes acrylic bathtub stronger. Check the quality of reinforcement can simply tapping on the tank. Good bath makes a hollow sound, and does not sound like a crystal.

In a word, does not matter, you liked the bathroom iron or acrylic. Much more significant factor is the quality of its execution and the raw materials used in production.

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