Chinese style country house

Chinese style country house
 If you think that the Chinese style house - design space is cheap and poor quality items purchased in the Chinese market, you are deeply mistaken. Chinese style - a perfection of forms and smooth lines, open spaces and vibrant colors, the simplicity and elegance of furniture accessories.  

The interior of a country house in the Chinese style is simple and even some austerity. Familiar to Russian human expensive furniture, cabinets or solid impressive desktop absolutely unacceptable in the interiors of the house. Furniture should be simple, robust and does not take up much space. Very harmonious look bamboo coffee table, wicker couch, painted screen and fishnet stand for vases.

Color spectrum

Color in China has always been of great importance. Traditionally, the Chinese-style houses dominated by red and golden color. They symbolize prosperity, success and prosperity in the house. Blue in ancient times could use only person of royal blood, yellow was also a hallmark of the nobility. But do not overload the room too abundance of bright colors. Pastel colors, muted natural shades to skillfully combine with impressive and vivid colors.


A distinctive feature of the landscape in the Chinese style is the most natural and the absence of deliberately broken lines. Paths in the garden should be smooth and round or oval flowerbeds. Not welcome the abundance of different kinds of flowers and trees. Harmonious place in the garden, according to the Chinese, should be simple and natural as possible.

This Chinese house settling about the laws of the ancient Eastern philosophy - Feng Shui. But if you do not want to dive into the complexity of the Chinese scholar, will be sufficient to comply with the basic rules to your house acquired a harmonious and mysterious image of the East. Simplicity and minimalism in the interior, no sharp corners, national accessories, smooth lines and color saturation - are the main features of the house in the Chinese style.

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