Arabic style in the design of premises

Arabic style in the design of premises
 Many people want to design the interior of their houses as something unusual, unique, and often prefer the Arabic style. Its brightness and exotic luxury contrasts sharply with the national tradition in design and very well remembered. But it is believed that the interior create a much more complicated. What features of the Arabic style?
 The main difference between the Arabic style from the rest - a complete lack of images of people and animals is prohibited by the Koran. Therefore, in these interiors, you will not find the usual attributes of European decor - sculptures or paintings. But in different patterns - Arabesque - geometric and plant - in Arab areas there is no shortage. These designs cover the walls, carpets, furniture, house appliances and decorations.

The walls in these areas are never "naked". They usually drape various fabrics: brocade, velvet, moire, organza or silk, in the simplest case, glued wallpaper with floral ornaments that mimic textiles. Often used wall wool carpets. This riot of patterns always emphasizes bright colors: blue, red, white, green, gold. Perhaps it is because of its beauty and ornamental filling room, decorated in Arabic, in our climate seems particularly cozy, warm, homely.

Splendor and solemnity of some posing in the interior hemispherical ceiling. He too, like walls, painted or covered with draped fabric. A floor mosaic, tile or natural stone, and dimmed colorful woolen carpets. Doors and windows (arched and poluarochnye) framed carved aprons and marble or wooden mosaic.

If the living room is made, it becomes the natural center of a sofa, a low and wide, padded satin or silk, and filled with lots of different pillows and rolls of velvet and brocade, decorated with tassels and rich embroidery. All this looks very comfortable and has a mental unhurried conversation.
If you are sitting in a living room on the sofa, in a chair or on the ottoman, throw your look around, you'll see a lot of different furniture and dark hardwood - low cabinets (sometimes replaced with a niche carved doors), shelves, cupboards, chests of drawers, dressing table, tables and chests. Arab characterized, first, the lack of right angles, soft, rounded shape and, secondly, its indispensable decoration rich carvings, mosaics, inserts with stamping, painting, lacquer and gold leaf.

In the bedroom, the main piece of furniture is a low wide bed with canopy, blanketed carpets and rich fabrics.

Traditional items that decorate Arab homes, it is, above all, water pipes, incense incense, narrow high pottery, weapons, mirrors in elegant frames, leather-bound books, inlaid backgammon board and chess, shiny brass or wooden dishes on the walls .

A special place in the interior lamps occupy. They affect a variety of shapes and materials, and are forged from metal, cut out of the skin, made of glass mosaic.

In Arabic style, experts say, there is no half-measures, wealth and luxury have no borders. But it is important that all this splendor you feel comfortable.

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