"TOP" - always first in everything

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 Complex excellent pupil (rarely honors) called subconscious desire to do everything at 100% or not do at all. At school and in high school girls with a similar set of learning the best, in fact score lower than 5, perceived as the real end of the world. Joined the eternal A student trying to do so many things that a simple human mind simply can not understand how it all in time. She's always been done before and better than anyone, and even working overtime. But whether such idealism brings happiness? ..

To begin to understand where does this very complex. Most often, in its formation blame the parents. "Four? Well, you go to work as a janitor. " If a girl from childhood hears from parents like that, she is trying to prove to them that it is able to meet their needs, even if these requirements are objectively too high. Generally excellent pupil complex in nature - a desire to meet the excessive demands, whether the requirements of others or of the girl.

On the one hand, it is not bad. Well, what could be wrong with that girl is very smart, tidy (her home just shines, and God forbid which appears speck!), Successful in their work. But it is difficult to imagine what others near her. And to the girl, too, is not easy - in the event that something goes according to plan.

There are complexity and in their personal lives. "TOP" is always incredibly demanding not only to himself but also to his partner. She thinks the relationship from the very first date, and is waiting for her fan will behave exactly as it is represented. If he does not want to behave in accordance with its plan (of which man, in general, does not know and can not), then it causes a woman fit of indignation. After such a man never stood a chance.

What do you do if you suffer from complex excellent pupil? First of all, stop and think: what would happen terrible if something goes according to plan? If tomorrow you do a little less work? If the institute you tomorrow get four instead of five? Is anyone would think of you worse, or perhaps the earth stops rotating?

Understand that others will appreciate you just for being what you are. All that you are trying to prove, in fact, anybody especially is not necessary - after all, myself and the rest of you have proven that you can be the best. Give yourself as a little rest and enjoy the life of an ordinary man.
Wish you all the best!

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