Enneagram. Epicure

Enneagram. Epicure
 Enneagram which divides all people into nine personality types, the seventh of these types of calls or epicurean enthusiasts. They are controlled by the center of the head - a type of intellectual mind.

Exceptional talents in the areas of planning and idea generation are the main features of the type of people or Epicurean enthusiasts.

People of the seventh type of personality inspires all new and progressive. For them, the glass is always half full, and the world is perceived as a field of dreams with unlimited potential for growth. Epicurean come up with the most incredible plan, but he did not want to implement it. It is easy to show your enthusiasm, but I can take it around with a minor behavior.

"Sevens" perfectly able to plan everything, especially if it helps them to achieve future goals and have fun. They show great interest to the beginning of their projects than to their development. Epicureans needed joy of life, entertainment and the opportunity to choose from a large number of options.

Enthusiast tends not to think about what causes pain, avoid negative emotions and responsibilities that feels as limiting their freedom. The main remedy "Seven" is a constant indulgence and rationalization of all that surrounds it. Their main fear - be bypassed in some way. Deprivation helps avoid condescension toward others and a good time.
Epicurean courageous and often has some talent. Creative thinking, the demonstration itself and the desire for popularity - its main features. He is self-sufficient and talkative, able to adapt to the social conditions and appreciate life.

Enthusiasts - easily excitable nature, adoring parties, which should be paramount. Own view of reality for them more interesting than reality itself, so discipline is not for them.

People seventh type actually live on the run - a way to protect yourself from boredom. It's selfish, do not recognize the authority of others, dreamers who do not recognize the existence of their own problems, including emotional. They refer to life as a stream of entertainment that is masking the hidden feelings. "Seven" in contact with many people and doing different activities.

Under stress Epicureans feel insufficiency choices and change their behavior. Not seeing the situation as a whole, to fixate on the details of the problem. In this state, they are easy to deduce from themselves and make condemn both himself and everyone else. In the state of security "Seven" is on the rise, it is full of energy, but it becomes more sensitive to their feelings and reflect. There is a need to acquire new knowledge, hence the desire to be alone in the company of books.

Development path for enthusiasts - is the ability to be in the current reality, whatever it may be. So can develop the necessary skills to understand correctly the surrounding. Vice for epicureans is a kind of "gluttony" - the idea that everyone in the world should try. Permanent "hunger" is always directed at future events in the life of having unlimited prospects.

Enthusiasts fixation becomes Planning - as an opportunity to avoid the alarm being distracted by entertainment. Rapid thinking and plenty of things to do in the same time fill the lives of the seventh type of personality. Virtue for them is common sense, as the ability to live in the present without misgivings, disturbing thoughts and emotions.

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