You are too busy to be happy ...

You are too busy to be happy ...
 Modern society makes our lives move at a furious pace. Among the key competencies necessary for each specialist is often referred to as mobility, communication skills and ability to handle stress. However, few people realize that permanent employment, is also a great stress. And, sometimes, we can not ignore the years of its damaging effects on our body.

So, if you think that life is cruel to you too, sometimes have an aversion to people who are lucky, you can spend hours scrolling unpleasant conversation with a neighbor in his head and in your lexicon firmly entrenched the word "need", "should" , "must", you definitely are a victim of stress.

You can not help noticing that reside in a stressful condition. As a rule, most people are too busy to think about it. However, your nervous system is definitely not experiencing the best of times. Stress causes the body to produce hormones that affect insulin levels and serotonin. That's why sometimes people in distress, torment migraine, high blood pressure, digestive problems and sleep.

According to experts, stress leads man does not work. On the contrary, over the life of the people must be busy with something. If it is a labor of love, it gives you positive emotions. However, after some time to the work of change. Many are beginning to regard their activities only as a way to obtain the greatest amount of wealth or the highest status. Thus, a person begins to spend more time at work, forgetting the leisure, entertainment and hobbies. Gradually, all the days are exactly the same, they are without any pleasure in dealing with people who do not like.

At the weekend, as a rule, people tend to relax, but often it is due to alcohol and tobacco. Which again has a negative impact on health.

The way out of this situation can be only time you scroll to look after themselves. Find half an hour to watch your favorite show or play with the children. This will allow to abandon the problems and to forget about the worries.

Learn to one of the techniques of deep breathing. Work out or book a massage. Allow your body to relax, too.

Divide your day into small segments to include the small five-minute that you dedicate yourself or your favorite activities.

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