Women's jealousy

Women's jealousy
 Jealousy - it is an intermediate stage between love and hate, which is not directed at the creation, and destruction. A man obsessed by jealousy, fear of losing control over their partner. In most cases, these people are women.

What causes jealousy? Ladies experiencing some fear the loss of their men: the disappearance of a source of income, impairment of dignity, a violation of "justice". A woman may be jealous of her Blessed and to other women, and hobbies, and to work and to their parents. Reasons mass. If you look closely at the reasons that sense, it becomes clear one that jealousy is not a shadow of love, and selfish desire of the owner. It is believed that the more independent women from men, the less the reason to be jealous of it. Since this lady needs no confirmation of the importance and uniqueness of her self-esteem is high.

And what about those members of the fairer half of humanity who suffer and suffer from a fear of losing? They triggered the mechanism of protection against competitors who surround her husband. Typically, these women are weak in spirit and unsure of themselves. They suspect the elect of treason, communicating and meeting with ex-girlfriend or potential the candidates at its heart and soul. Start a conversation these ladies and their husbands with the question "Where have you been? ". A couple begin to make excuses and to paint their wives phased schedule.
If a woman is prone to jealousy, but not deprived of intelligence and wisdom and ability to control their emotions, the priority in her life will be respect for the family and trust her husband. His jealousy a lady can be overcome by denial. "I do not know, have not seen - so do not exist." Or using psychological methods of payment - "but he makes a lot" or "but he is a good father." Clever wife, who is responsible for the climate in the family, to comfort myself with the thought that if she suspects her husband of something, it is not happy with the situation, and her spouse to change.

What would be jealous of any woman encountered and no matter how carefully hid his emotions, only truthful conversations can serve as a trust.

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