With humor in life

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 A sense of humor is not able to change lives, but change the attitude towards it. If you hear a good joke, your eyes are smiling, cheer up, you feel better physically. If you walk all day with drooping corners of her mouth, then thought too slowly "sereyut."

Laughter is able to defuse even the most tense situation. When hangs a prolonged pause, easier to distract people good joke or a joke in the spirit of "let us return to our sheep." In awkward or ridiculous situation to hide from prying eyes face crimson with shame helps ability to laugh at themselves. For example, if you slipped on the street, just hihiknite with passers-by. Does not work? If you are lying on the snow, stonily tsedite through his teeth: "There's nothing funny," just imagine your picturesque drop by. Misfortunes, by the way, happen to anyone. The meeting was a loud "spoke" stomach? Joked that he sometimes you "also sings."

Daily by smiles and jokes are good people meet, find your love. Often when hiring in addition to competence and activity is assessed and sense of humor. This is - one of those qualities, which is a magnet. People are drawn to those who, instead of frowning eyebrows "is" a smiling face, is able to play in a kind person. Take a look at your surroundings. Surely in your company have any wit, who are always happy at any party.

The ability to joke does not mean that a person is too easy to problems and to life itself. Perhaps you have heard about some his friend that he was "high time to grow up, and he laughs." In fact, he, too, are unsuccessful, perhaps, are the same as you can much more serious. The fact that this man just realized that without a smile, life becomes "fresh" and turns into an infinite raking problems. It is important to appreciate in a man the way he is one easy way to cheer up a joke for the day. After all, the allegation that wrinkles appear "where used to be a smile," more than true.

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