Why people rarely visit a psychologist?

Why people rarely visit a psychologist?
 It just so happened since the days of the Soviet Union, that our people solve their problems, including mental. If the US is considered a natural psychologist visit 2 times a week, then we have this practice still exists. What is it - fashion or necessity? Why are people in our country rarely visited by a psychologist?

As practice shows, each present their arguments to explain this problem. Someone thinks that it is shameful to spread their difficulties strangers. For someone not normal to pay that kind of money for a situation that can perfectly handle himself. Some confuse psychologist with the psychiatrist. And some just do not have full information about who is a psychologist, and he will be able to solve the problem.

It happens that people lack the knowledge that the soul must live in harmony with the body. Of course, this is only a basic explanation of why people rarely visit a psychologist. One can be embarrassing, others are simply afraid, while others do not want to change the already established way of life, which will have to find time for going to a psychologist.

Many find the means and ways to overcome psychological problems: begin to play sports, plunge headlong into the religion. And for some effective methods of stress reduction is the use of alcohol or psychotropic drugs.

True pleased that today in society is revised look at psihoanaliz.Prakticheski in all schools and kindergartens introduced psychologist positions in major cities opened specialized psychological centers that will better aid in solving many problems.

Of course, everyone is free to choose its own path to overcome obstacles on the path of life, acceptable for him. However, we note that a psychologist - is still a professional and skilled help, so at least sometimes worth overcome their complexes about it and refer to it for the solution of their problems.

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