Web of gossip

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 Being surrounded by a network of intrigue and gossip, people experiencing unusual discomfort, reinforced by the absence of an opportunity to defend himself, if all these devious rumors are unfair. Same conduct themselves peacefully, feeling judgmental attitudes and constant whispering behind his back, is extremely difficult. And, of course, to any person in this situation need help and friendly advice.

If the web of gossip has grown and enveloped the man in the service team, to deal with this is almost impossible. Likely have to just get used to having this information treacherous and try their dignified behavior and confident demeanor, day after day, proving the opposite.

Likely to convince one and all fail, but in this case is much more important to save face, not trying to find out the details, interfering with conversations and resorting to other petty actions, born inflamed suspiciousness.

In addition, we should not overestimate its importance and assume that every muffled conversation staff certainly respect to its irresistible person. It is likely that gossip has become obsolete, replaced by a more topical information, and then the more you should not constantly tormented feelings and unfounded anxieties.

If we are talking about neighborhood gossip, then it is easier to tolerate than resist. Moreover, any attempt to get in touch with the neighbors will only backfire and new food for gossip. Therefore, in this case it is necessary to depict stone tightness and stoically endure boring views of the surrounding old ladies as long as some poor guy next-neighbor does not take them bored idle thought process.

Much more serious is the situation when rumors are born within a single family. Alas, not every modern family boasts a honest and open relationships, while frequent arguments, squabbles and division of property is no longer rare. In this case, any tips are unnecessary and even dangerous possible imbalance in family relations. This problem can be solved only through the infinite patience and tact.

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