Vain words

Vain words
 Every day we say from 7 to 20 thousand words. Word - this is one of the main units of communication. Through words, we can identify our desires, view, explain the feeling. But using them on a daily basis, we often do not think about their strength. Do not think about how much we can hurt and words hurt.

In life, anything can happen. Communicating with their loved ones, quite often, people allow themselves to statements that are unlikely to tell a stranger. This occurs in situations where emotions get out of control. In a fit of anger and resentment influenced sound completely useless words, which subsequently can be very much regret.

Expressing the accumulated claims wife accuses her husband of all mortal sins. Remembers all his unseemly transgressions, all mistakes that he made on the first day of family life. And all would do if the conversation was limited to just listing the actions. However, most often, the conversation goes on and goes to the person. Which, of course, is not conducive to the establishment of family relationships.

To avoid those words, which can later bitterly regret, we must learn how to sort things out. For example, in discussing the cause of disagreement, only talk about what is happening here and now. It is not necessary to recall past quarrels and insults, they are not related to what you are discussing.

Another rule, which should not be forgotten: only talking about the act. And in any case, do not give in connection with the assessment of the individual partner. Talk about your feelings "After your action, I feel hurt, I hurt, I'm very upset," etc.

And of course there are some words that in any case it is impossible to say. As the proverb says, a word not a sparrow, and therefore avoid direct insults, insults another person. Finally, it is not necessary to sort things out at the peak of emotions. First you need to calm down and bring their thoughts in order, and only then start talking. This will help you to discuss the problem and not to start a trivial scandal.

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