The left-hander, right-hander and ambidekstrusy

The left-hander, right-hander and ambidekstrusy
 This world was created for people using the right hand as the primary. If you are right handed, you probably did not think that the majority of door handles, switches, shelves in closets and other details are designed precisely to ensure that contact with them right. While both lefties still devices can cause quite severe discomfort, and in some cases, be downright dangerous. Why do we need lefties and righties, and how they differ, except that hold objects in different hands?

Our brain has two hemispheres, each of which is responsible for the development of some specific qualities. Interestingly, the movement of all paired organs and limbs is the same encoded by different hemispheres of the brain, but it occurs in inverse proportion. That is a job for the right eye, right arm and right kidney responds left hemisphere and vice versa. Accordingly, people who have developed a stronger hand than the other has a more developed hemisphere, which corresponds to that of the arm. There are still people who are completely free to use both hands. Such a person is no visible differences between the hemispheres of the brain, and both seem to work the same way.

Most of the population of our planet right-handed, that is, the left hemisphere of their more active than the right. However, this does not mean that these people have some difficulty with the work of the brain. But if people - left-handed, he had a more active right hemisphere, which in itself makes it stand out from the crowd, but also does not disadvantaged or flawed. The right hemisphere is responsible for creativity, artistic taste and color perception of the world. People who have developed it is stronger, as a rule, more creative and talented. These are artists, writers, poets and composers. Although, of course, a lot of gifted and talented people found among normal right-handed.

The left hemisphere is responsible for logic, thinking and science. People with a strong left hemisphere good move in mathematics or physics, become good philosophers, doctors and engineers. The left hemisphere - this hemisphere clear standards, stricter laws and impeccable logic.

I must say that for many years scientists have studied left-handers and right-handers. But still can not come to certain conclusions. I note only that the person writing with his left hand, usually less than assembled, often in the clouds and can not focus on a specific topic. He was haunted by the images and vivid pictures. At that time, as the right-hander is experiencing such problems are much less common. It is impossible to say with certainty that if the child began to write with his left hand, it must come from the great artist or composer. Left-handed children may not show any special abilities, and remain perfectly normal, is no different from their peers. Just can not say with certainty that the child-hander will not have the ability to be creative. Often, these people own capabilities regardless of which hand they use in their work.

As for ambidekstrusov, that is, people who use both hands equally well, scientists are now just beginning to research in this area. It is known for one thing because of the very large number of nerve plexus between the hemispheres of the brain in people such signals coming from the outside world, they are processed much more difficult. As a consequence, these people are more active, less diligent and experienced some difficulties with concentration and learning information.

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