Several psychological advice business woman

Several psychological advice business woman
 Women managers has long ceased to be something exotic. No one is not surprised that the fairer sex can lead not only to a small company, but also a large corporation. At the same time, and showing business acumen, stiffness, and staying in a feminine attractive.

Still being fierce debate: whether this contradicts the very nature? After all, women are commanded to be softer, low-key, peaceful. How to combine this with the laws and customs of modern business? Do not lose it, reaching success at the helm, the qualities that make a woman a woman. Therefore, it would not hurt to follow some rules.

In no case do not try to sound like a man! Do not imitate him in manners, hoping thereby that the subordinate male will treat you more seriously and respectfully. Believe me, the effect is just the opposite of what you expect.

Try to use power, and even more so, to punish, only in really extreme, absolutely necessary cases. Stiffness and even severity, forgivable man looks very non-winning when it comes to women. Of course, this does not mean that it is necessary to show excessive indulgence! About discipline and reasonable demands should not be forgotten for a moment.

All the time try to be low-key, do not splash out their anger on the subordinates, even if they are guilty of something. There is a cautionary tale, told a Moscow business woman. She swore that she was demanding but caring shefini. She felt that her subordinates love and respect. Imagine her shock when on a night out one hard succumbed Head of whispered in her ear: "All these years, the company accurately determines when you start having periods! What a bitch you get! »

You do not want your employees (especially men) are also engaged in this definition? Then keep yourself in the hands of all days.

Many women tend penchant for "pinprick" to petty harassment, to revenge. By the way, these qualities are the weaker sex men just hate! If you want to place as a leader - resolutely get rid of them.

Do not hesitate to consult with male subordinates, especially if they themselves feel that they are better versed in a particular subject. Of course, in this delicately but firmly to prevent any attempts to demonstrate condescending familiarity, saying that a woman without a man anywhere!

Be sure to decorate his office. People belonging to it, just have to feel: here working woman. This will prevent unnecessary tension, awkwardness.

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