Psychodrama. Insight and catharsis

Psychodrama. Insight and catharsis
 When a person has personal problems, he often can not alone solve them. Traumatic situation has had devastating effects on the psyche, a negative impact on behavior and mood. In psychotherapy, there is a well-proven method - psychodrama, which is aimed at solving such problems.

The method was developed by a famous psychologist Moreno in 1974. This method of group psychotherapy is based on the principle of role-playing game. The essence of this method is as follows: under the guidance of a therapist small group of people (the optimal number - from 7 to 12) recovers a problem on the stage for one of the participants in the situation. An important factor is the spontaneity of execution of roles and creative approach to the process - it will help get rid of zaprogramirovanny behavior both in presentation and in real life.

The effectiveness of psychodrama due to the fact that during playback traumatic circumstances are used all the basic ways of experiencing - thought, word, feeling, action that contribute to enhanced human senses and a new perception of past experience.

Way to influence the patient due to the emotional processes that occur in the course of production: catharsis and insight. The first effect occurs when the experience traumatic situation caused her feelings and emotions, digging out and reach their peak, provoking a strong shock and the subsequent internal cleansing. This reduces fears and anxiety, as well as helps to better understand the dynamics and driving forces, which is guided by the man himself.

Then the participants can observe the outcome of the therapeutic process - insight. This new way of perception and cognition problems, which suggests its solution and a different point of view. These processes help the patient and the participants learn to respond differently to painful circumstances, to rediscover their motivation and attitude to different things and people.

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