On the crest of reality. How not to drown in the problems of everyday life

On the crest of reality. How not to drown in the problems of everyday life
 The lives of most people today reminds running in circles. Service - the way to work - nine, and even a lot more hours of labor for the benefit of the employer - the road home - a dream - an alarm clock. And so five days a week, from month to month. Over the weekend, wants only one thing - to lie on the sofa and that no one touched.

You have similar symptoms? It's time to break this vicious circle and swim out into the bright, fun, raging around the world.

How not to drown in the problems of everyday life? Many ways, and each person can find the recipe to your taste. To begin remember who you want to work when you were a kid? Not always chosen profession is a continuation of a child's dream. Maybe you dreamed about archeology or paleontology, and became an accountant. Or dreamed of becoming a pediatrician or a test pilot, but the fate awaits your fate office manager. Due to the mismatch of the expected and this person is able to enter into a long depression. And if time does not cut short a state of despondency, it germinates deep in the subconscious, and eradicate it will be possible only with the help of a psychotherapist.

Therefore, start the fight with depression as soon notice the first signs of depression - lack of interest in new, unwillingness to work, aggression directed at loved ones. Think of a hobby. Remember the children's dreams about the future of the profession. Join the circle of aeronautics, help charities to care for sick children, take a trip to the excavations with archaeological expedition. All this will help you to escape from the problems of everyday life and dive into the fabulous world of youthful aspirations. You will feel young and full of energy. You will have a lot of new friends with whom you'll be happy to communicate on topics that interest you, and share common problems. After talking with friends often even more effective than a visit to a psychologist.

Engage in active sports. It has long been proven that an excess of negative energy can be successfully splash out on the tennis court, in a fist fight, a vigorous Latin dances. With sports you will not only restore the peace of mind, but also will shape your body. And this is, again, a reason for pride and elation.

Allow yourself to little weaknesses, indulge yourself. Buy yourself those same shoes, which have long dreamed of, to fly on holiday to an exotic country, but just lie at home on a working day, referring to the malaise. Of course, you should not abuse it. But twice a year can afford a little fib leadership. But then you will take the accumulated business with renewed vigor, and quickly complete the questions dangling in the air.

The main advice - do not get hung up on one thing. Change your field of activity, lifestyle, make room in the apartment permutation. Create all the conditions to life around you in full swing. Then you will always be on the crest of a wave, and not drown in the depths of everyday life.

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