Monday - the worst day of the week?

Monday - the worst day of the week?
 Week beginning often becomes painful encounter with reality. After all, the person tends to Monday postponed the most important things, initiatives, objectives. In the end, it falls on Monday after two days of rest again to go to work and do it for five consecutive days. Studies show Monday - is the most hated day of almost every person on the planet (except, perhaps, workaholics). How Come?

The confrontation with the need to return to work after the holiday on Sunday - a serious problem. According to employers, Monday - the day is really the most difficult to work with, transactions, profit.

This is due to a sharp decline in employee productivity, which are difficult to be included in the work in the best case for dinner, and tenderness, inner tension and stress from the beginning of the working week. Studies of American consulting company Mercer Consulting show that 35% of all sick leave is issued on Monday. Is it a coincidence? No!

Monday is not just considered the most unlucky and the worst day of the week, so if you are sensitive and perceptive people do their best to spend the day at home, in a comfortable and familiar environment. That's because the start of the week - it is a moment of transition from the Sunday of time (as in Christianity every Sunday - it is a holiday) to the routine of everyday life. Monday - a day in which, according to the Bible, Cain killed Abel, was the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the world came to Judas Iscariot.

It is not surprising that on the day when the rest of the output after the person should return to daily duties associated with the worst moments. If you feel the adverse Monday afternoon for yourself, try it just to wait.

There is another method. Throw away all fears, bad mood and superstition. And contrary to public opinion, do yourself Monday for a joyous occasion. Proceed to the planned global change: start the fight with laziness, enjoy a reorganization of his life and, in the end, sit on a strict diet. Perhaps, then, and turn to reconsider his view on Mondays and even love them.

Avoid the onset of Monday no one can, we can only use it to the max, like any other day of your life. Take an important psychological decision: accept the fact that there are Mondays and always will be. And how to treat them - entirely depends on your attitude.

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