Loneliness or freedom?

Loneliness or freedom?
 Divorce or separation - a serious stress for everyone. Betrayal dear to you man not only has a self-esteem and makes you feel useless, but also completely destroys the habitual way of life. Joint plans for the future, common jokes and traditions mean nothing more. That is why the period of forced loneliness after the break with a partner is a real challenge.
 Commonplace phrase "like a ship call, so it will float" specifies the situation evolving after parting. If you declare yourself abandoned and miserable, the "black band" did not have to wait long. Try to look at the situation from the other side. After all, you are an interesting, beautiful, and now ... a free woman. Therefore, the period of "rest" of the stronger sex timed to take advantage for itself.

The main cause of internal discomfort inherent in those who recently broke up with someone you love - the lack of pleasant experiences and positive emotions. If earlier feelings to your partner allows the testing of permanent elation (or, on the contrary, kept in suspense), but now life has become boring and monotonous. And feelings, tears, hurt on the "former" and does make everyday gray and dull.

Psychologists recommend to allocate a certain period, for example, a week, in order to "mourn" past relationships. Your goal - to get rid of negative emotions. However, it is worth spending time with pleasure: revise favorite melodrama, indulge in your favorite treats, without thinking about the figure, share your experiences with friends.

The next stage of your life free - work on the bugs and search for the ideal. It is worth considering that you are not satisfied in the relationship and the former partner. Not to step on the same "rake", is to understand how you present your man dreams. For this you need a pencil, paper and a little patience. Start with the exterior: blonde or brunette, tall or medium height. Try as much as possible to detail the image of his strong half. Then go to personal qualities: hard or a good leader or a family man. Once you have finished to transfer the quality and characteristics of an ideal husband should take another verbal portrait. This is a list of qualities suitable to him a woman. Agree, athletic looking businessman certainly want to see next to a no less attractive and promising girl.

Single women are sitting at home, free - live life to the fullest. Try to fill events and vivid impressions every hour of his life.

Work out. Thanks to regular exercise your body will not only be fit and flexible, and the skin is elastic, gym or fitness classes to help expand the circle of acquaintances, make new friends. In addition, the attention of men you provided - women are not so frequent guests in gyms.

Tackle career. It is not necessary with the head goes to work and turn into a complete workaholic. But the lull in his personal life - the perfect time to focus on business success. Think. What do you need to become a prospective employee to take a higher position? Visit several professional trainings or courses, sign up for classes in a foreign language, or hand over to the right.

Make love. Promiscuity - a bad idea. But for the sake of flirting flirting, on the contrary, a great way to regain confidence in their own attractiveness, raise self-esteem, and with it the mood. Sign up for one of the dating sites and enjoy the compliments of strangers without fear of jealousy boyfriend. But be careful, transferring communication from the virtual world into reality.

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