Little about internal dialogue

Little about internal dialogue
 Internal dialogue - a concept in psychology, refers to the process of constant internal dialogue with oneself. He is an integral part of any consciousness, because based on the human propensity for reflection - reflection. Is it possible to stop the continuous train of thought?

Internal dialogue - a mental process, which keeps our view of the world. If you spend the experience and try to stop the flow of thoughts (internal dialogue or monologue), you will find that it is very difficult. You will find so hard the mind clings to its natural tendency to be a permanent office to work.

Any subject, any situation provoke new thoughts on the brain, they are born and dissolve in their place there are new. Keep his mind on any one subject is almost impossible, because it is closely related to our senses are constantly throw up new material for thought - visual images, sounds, situations, human speech, etc.

Internal dialogue is born as a reaction to the brain's ability to unrealized conscious activity. Ie when a person in a given situation constrains own desire to say or do anything - the desire to act in the brain remains unsatisfied and throws him into consciousness in the form of internal dialogue. Also, the internal dialogue may appear after a bright emotional experience or intellectual strain.

Mind, unable to stop their activities, creates within itself mental entities continued to argue. And man, getting into the flow of his own thoughts, spends his energy on unraveling the endless mental tangles. There are special meditation practices through which we can stop the endless flow of thought.

Retreat to a quiet, customizable meditation place and try to take the position of a detached observer. For example, you can focus on the sounds and track their appearance, and for the attenuation or just try the watch - on the trees, the sea or the river, to the movement of shadows, etc.

If you will only focus on their perception - thoughts subside by themselves. Stopping the internal dialogue will feel the harmony, to strengthen the energy of creation, to improve relations with the people around you.

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