How to avoid scandal

How to avoid scandal
 Your relationship develops, you also do not stand still, change your outlook, and the spouse is also adjusts its beliefs. And here you are in the process of conversation over a cup of coffee suddenly find that your opinions are not the same. Do not rush to pour a drink on her husband! It is natural - what you grow, you just have not talked heart to heart.
 Unconstructive scandals, indeed, should be avoided, since they did not change for the better. Little things do not stand that because of them you wag their nerves. Socks are not in place, dirty dishes, garbage Failure to Render worthy only joking remarks, after which you, depending on the circumstances, or perform the work, or leave her husband. The point is everyday!

Quarrels that inevitably occur in all long-term couples, sometimes useful. It's like a small fire in the woods - like, nothing good in it, but it destroys the old dead trees, to their place appeared fresh green shoots. In scandal, as in the dispute, the truth is born. You get to know each other better, open a new dash character. Maybe passionately reconciled, you decide never to bring your discrepancy of opinion to quarrels.

In any case, at any time of day or night, you can be, permeate throughout the web of family life, the idea that you love this person and want to live with him happily ever after. It changes all the words that are ready to break out in the heat. Instead of: "What a moron, I regret the lost years of life with you! "You say," Honey, I love you! What you're beautiful when so excited! ". Do you think, then it will continue to shout insults ?!

Oddly enough, no scandals can do people who do not have feelings for your partner. What do they quarrel something? They live, coexist with each other and one is not important second opinion. There is no love, and the couple are not looking for it, so as not to stir up the stagnant swamp of his life - it's so convenient. So do not worry much because of recurring scandals - is a natural process of grinding people for a happy living together.

Avoid unnecessary quarrels can and should be. Live for this life to each other, be aware of and interested in everything going on with her husband. Even the size of the fish, which he missed on a fishing trip, has its value and raises strong emotions, separate them with it! He will be very happy if you go to nature to him, not only oykayte at the slightest provocation, while her husband, sitting around the campfire at night, will sing serenades you and look at you with gentle loving eyes.

Explain to him that you are shopping, as his fishing - the same passion and desire to catch a fish-prize. So the example of his weaknesses and passions, you show a loved one, you also a person that should be respected in all its cockroaches in my head. The next time the next set of bed linen, bought at a discount, cause he did not desire to yell at you and throw it in the garbage disposal all purchases and affectionate kiss on the cheek, your peach!

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