Fulfillment of desires. Learning to think

Fulfillment of desires. Learning to think
 Surely you noticed that when you think about something, something very like, after a while it happens. This is no accident, but the fulfillment of desires by thought. Wishing cherished with all my heart, you are sent into the universe energy signal, which began work on its realization.

There are several features of wish fulfillment in using the power of thought. First, the desire to articulate clearly. If you dream of a romantic vacation with a man in whom love, to think not "want the sea," and "I want to with your loved rest on the sea", otherwise it may happen in your half may have urgent business at work, and you go to journey without him.

The subconscious mind, which is involved in the launch of the signal can recognize only images and not words. Therefore, visualization specialists recommend not just dream and visualize the desired presenting in pictures what you want. More than you imagine your dream, the more likely that it embodied in this way.

Can render the various methods, for example using plaque visualization. It may be an ordinary sheet of drawing paper on which you mount pictures of what you like. It is recommended to hang the board where it is more likely you will come across on the eyes.

It is not necessary to dissipate the energy of dreams, telling about a dream relatives, friends and acquaintances. Among those who will tell you about a dream, can meet those who do not want to, it was filled, and not necessarily for selfish purposes. If you wish to travel, then, for example, the mother may not want you to leave the house for a long time. Vision Board is also advisable not to put on public display.

Help your request on the physical level. That is, for example when making a winning the lottery, go and buy a lottery ticket. So you will strengthen energy pulse, and your desire to be a better chance of fulfillment.

Learn to wait embodiment cherished goal and all for that matter. Try the implementation of the planned wish sincerely and passionately as possible. And then it will be realized soon.

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