And your dreams deystvitelno..vashi?

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 Cottage by the Sea, big happy family, favorite work, travel - Dream, dream, dream ... Someone wants to get the coveted position, and someone - to go live in another country. One person sword of stability and peace, the other wants to "live like a light" - to do everything, go everywhere, to try everything. Our dreams are as different as we are. But where did they come from?

Let us imagine an ordinary young man. He enthusiastically involved in sports, say, football. Do not miss a single match your favorite team, goes to the sports section, and football shape - it casual. As a child, he collected cards with images of players, knows by heart the national team in any country, and his dream - to become a footballer. Not just a football player, and a recognized and successful, their lives to this sport.

Where did this dream, as the thought of becoming a footballer came up with this young man? Maybe his dad too fond of football, and his childhood, our hero drove with him the ball in the yard, and then parents enrolled him in the football section. Maybe his dad he wanted to be a famous football player, but life was different, and now parents are trying to realize their dream through their son. He tells him about the benefits of this profession: "Sport - that's fine, you will travel a lot, you will become known, will earn good money." Father, thereby influencing the choice of a son.

What we have as a result? Boy from childhood accustomed to the idea that the best profession for him - football. He knows how to play football, makes it better than its peers, versed in the terminology. It is quite natural the following thoughts: "If I can, and I like it, I will strive to dedicate this life." That dream is ready!

Or another example. The girl who looked a romantic movie. Her head spinning image of a happy couple, happy marriage: strong, confident man, weak and need protection girl, they wander along the sea, holding hands and watching the sunset. Every time he went to bed, this picture stands before her eyes. Created such a very "cinematic" dream.

It turns out that our dreams do not we? This dream imposed by parents, cinema, advertising? But, if you think about all this, we only offer. And something to dream - we choose ourselves. The boy could get excited about, for example, boxing, running, or any other occupation, far from the sport; she could not see a romantic film, and popular science, and dreams of becoming a scientist.

Person chooses what to dream. The dream is born in us deep into the soul, and thanks to the world around them - people, movies, pictures, books - it becomes clear to the most important of its essence. So a child who decides to become a teacher in childhood, because liked to play "school", growing up, decide for itself whether it wants to work in the field of education, or to be a psychologist? Teach in school or college? Being a teacher of geography or physics?

Each knowingly passing day, filled with meaning, brings us closer to the fulfillment of his dream. So let's dream and do everything to make our dreams come true!

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