Women's right to an opinion

Women's right to an opinion
 Women love the ears. We need to be told pretty words, praised, protect and take care of us. But other than that, it is important that we listen. But this desire is not always fulfilled.

Most of the examples of such situations can be found in families. Men trying to show that they are more important, and that all important decisions should be made exclusively by them, do not understand how they can hurt the representatives of the weaker sex. And if they think about it, for sure, would understand that women want to help, not harm your man.

Such cases can be found at work. Head-man often does not trust women's work questions the submission of reports, trying to find inaccuracies in them and send back for revision.
Many can give an example, in which a woman's opinion is not taken seriously or not listen. But in modern life for men and women equal rights to self-realization and self-affirmation. And women have understood this for a long time. But in men, most likely, says jealousy and infringement of self-esteem. But, along with businessmen, more are beginning to appear, and a business woman, in no way inferior to their male counterparts.

Women's right to an opinion, there is conclusive. Many nations have fought for it in the literal sense of the word. First, women won the right to vote, and after a while no one and did not remember that it was different. This has happened with other spheres of life.

Those who do not respect women's right to an opinion, it would change my opinion or, at least, skillfully justify why it should not be. Women need to be sure their loved ones love and respect for colleagues, even when they talk about what they want or feel in a given situation. If women are able to openly express their wishes, requests, feelings, they do not have to lie, dissemble and adjust with no hope for your understanding. And then the peace and tranquility in the home or at work, and just in life is guaranteed.

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