When conflicts are inevitable ...

When conflicts are inevitable ...
 Why there are conflicts in a relationship? Not constant quarrels, no scandals, namely cold protracted conflicts, many of which end up breaking? Can I avoid them?

Psychologists advise couples in love from time to time to carry out a kind of "emotional shake-up", promotes the release of negative energy and redemption of mutual claims, which often leads to conflict. But today, when everything is exhausted constant stress, the council looks at least inappropriate. What to do?

Each pair chooses his own way in the development of relations. Some can not imagine their life without the constant discovery of mutual relations. Some people prefer to keep everything in himself, but occasionally throws all his negative emotions on his head completely unprepared for this explosion partner. Seems the most reasonable position spouses or lovers, to solve all their problems as they arrive. But not by constant scandals, and by mutual agreement.

Conflict can lead to rupture of relations or, conversely, to unite the family. In any case, the frequency and duration of the conflict does not depend on a single partner, but on both. Most importantly, time to understand its cause, which can be covered and within a relationship between two people, and in their interaction with others, and even in the deep psychological reactions, such as the sense of competition, the desire of superiority, greed, etc.

Unfortunately, Russia is still not as widespread practice of constant communication with family psychologist, who can recommend not only the "shake-up" of various kinds (they have similar pairs and so plenty), but also a set of exercises to help restore well-being of the family.

But sometimes conflicts can not be resolved once and for all, even if the partners desire to succeed in this mutually. Treason, treachery, violence, tyranny - the origin of these phenomena, too, of course, can be attributed to a lack of understanding between spouses or lovers. But even if one partner is just a friend, for a short while, because of the relationship has gone trust, without which nothing can neither love nor respect. The conflict becomes protracted, and at times reminds himself that excessive suspiciousness, the unwillingness to listen or help, then cold indifference.

It would be rash to assume that such a confrontation will come in the end, to nothing. And, unfortunately, often the only way out of such situations is divorce.

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