What to do when summer drives in depression

What to do when summer drives in depression
 For many, the summer - this is the most awaited time of the year. People look forward to the time a beach holiday, outdoor games, heat and travel. A depression is associated with more rainy autumn or winter. However, for some it happens in the summer.  

To start accept the fact that you are in a bad mood. Surrounding understand and support, if you fall on them pozhaluetes spleen, but your recognition that summer drives you into a depression will cause a lot of arguments against: how can mope in such a wonderful time of year. This is considered almost as obscene as dislike for the New Year. Nobody will listen and let yourself admit that you have a bad mood, even in the street 25 and sold strawberries.

Scientists who have studied the problem of summer depression, believe that the blame for this high temperature and humidity. If you are hypersensitive they cause depressed mood. In patients there is a lack of sleep and appetite, increased anxiety. In addition, people have too many hopes for the summer - drastically lose weight, start a new life, quit smoking, go to India with a tent. When their grandiose plans crumble, good mood is not conducive.

Before parents summers gets another problem. Children up to the wire on weekdays in school, suddenly left to their own. And dads moms with the problems begin: how to find a babysitter or grandmother persuaded to sit with the kids, where to send the children to rest and where to get the money for that, how to remove the pogrom perpetrated at home bored child. These problems no one will bring a good mood.

Summer holidays can also bring to depression. Sleep in the summer it becomes more difficult, because so many exciting activities begins at nightfall. A chronic lack of sleep - is a recipe for depression at any time of the year. In addition, people who are dissatisfied with their figure, suffer in the summer in the first place. After all, the weather dictates the fashion, and the extra pounds will not hide behind layers of clothing - I want to wear shorts and T-shirt. And every glance in the mirror - it is an occasion even more deeply bogged down in its spleen.

However, if you know that your depression occurs in the summer, you have an advantage. You can plan your year so that summer is over most painless for you. Take a vacation in the most difficult time for you to relax and go to a place with a cool and mild climate. Try to get enough sleep and eat moderately. If you are engaged in fitness, workout, do not drop, and transfer them to a cooler time - morning or evening. If the summer dragged on depression and grew into the autumn blues, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

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