Tragedy business woman

Tragedy business woman
 Life business woman outside observer it sometimes seems happy and serene. These focused, strong women who have achieved a great deal because of his intelligence, work and desire, many of which have achieved great heights and material success, serve as an example for many women.

But behind the beautiful facade is often hidden tragedy that do not see outsiders. Changing gender roles often in addition to the success and admiration, and is fraught with new disappointments. Tragedy business women occur in relationships, family and feelings.

In order to become a successful entrepreneur, you must work for wear. At this point all the time and women are concentrated only at work, home and often not removed from the business lady household duties. Common history, when, after a day of talks, plans and meetings woman returns home and continues to work - gets to the plate, checks lessons for children, washing and ironing, washing dishes and doing the cleaning. Households still want to see the house is not the director and business partner, and the wife and mother. If employment husband businessman everyone in the family are treated with understanding, providing a streamlined way of life to him in the house, the woman is usually no such support and understanding.

"What kind of a wife, if you can not pat me a shirt or cook soup! "- Often accuse their husbands had gone to business women.

Assuming the typical male role, business women acquire and typical male traits. Accustomed to take responsibility in business, give orders and carry out successful negotiations, women unwittingly continue the same style and the family.

Another nuance - sex life. As tired businessmen, women often experience decreased sexual desire.

All of these factors often lead to the fact that a successful business woman is back on the road the car in an empty house where nobody is waiting. Because her husband could not stand the fact that his wife was not at home all the time that she became sharper and less passionate, and often goes away after failing to come to terms with her success.

Loneliness and a bad marriage is often a great tragedy in the life of a successful woman who sometimes venturing business only in order to help his family during difficult times.

Another common trap that lurks business woman - this is the problem with children. Children often have hard working mothers abandoned grow, they lack the maternal warmth and tenderness, and no nanny and tutors can not fill this gap. There are cases when the guard or driver for the child became a successful businesswoman closer and dearer mother. Often they move away from their mothers, hold grudges, and even begin to treat them as consumers.

And business, women often lose their old friends, because life leaves no time and effort to communicate.

Fee for success is always high, and not all are lucky to keep the family, love and friendship, while there was a financial conquest vertices.

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