The problem of choice of modern women: love or business

The problem of choice of modern women: love or business
 Career - is the key word that literally means "run", running to the material well-being and recognition. Career and career opportunities determine the choice of profession and employment. But what if the way of career growth raises the question of love? Very often women choose to love, because repeat such phrases as: "All not make any money", "It is impossible for work and career to sacrifice personal life."

Career women was the result of human development, so do not blame housewives who rightly believe that their main purpose - the birth and upbringing of children. There is a category of men who are his wife is a ready to work tirelessly, cooking soup and baking pies, building the cubby and worshipful of her husband.

 Opponents of such a "scenario" is divided into involuntary careerists and actually careerists. The former are women who are forced to make, but at the first opportunity and be ready to flee at the request of a housewife lover.

The second type shows all that were born not only for the economic troubles, they, like men, want to assert themselves, proud of the progress and earn. For them, the choice between business and love always wins is business. Among careerists there are many women who are obsessed with independence. For her sake, they are able to work nights, enough sleep and malnourished. This may be a manifestation of complexes, lack of confidence in the future and mistrust the people, but still, this is not the worst manifestation.

To take one example, a housewife, which his late forties, still without a husband, he left her for another woman. What should she do? How to live on? Children grew up, she did not know how to do well, if after the divorce left the property, and ex-husband throws handouts. The prospect of sad, because initially she chose to love the business. And the thought of such an outcome as inspiration for the work.

Choose a profession for the earnings prospects of huge money - it is rotten. An uninspiring lesson not earn much, but you can get a breakdown of the DC voltage.

About a third of women are housewives or unemployed - it all depends on how they themselves are able to feel the lack of work and how long it plans to leave. For some - a happiness of which they dreamed since childhood, but for others - a forced state from which it is very difficult to get out on their own. Not to relax, many women convince themselves and others that it could only whistle, and all employers will come running to beg her just to get a job to them for big money.

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