Strong weak woman

Strong weak woman
 Ever since the kindergarten becomes habitual, that girl - the weak and vulnerable, and the boys - strong and courageous. Time passes, habits remain, and makes life very different requirements. To endure many trials fate, to be weak enough. But also transformed into the woman as the "stop a galloping horse," dare not each. How to combine these qualities - the power and the difficulties inherent weakness of women?
 The best advice given to the woman gloss - be herself. It is applicable to virtually any situation, and the power of the spirit - is no exception. You can long struggle with difficulties and overthrow the mountains on its way, but whether you are at the same time? If you see yourself sitting at home with the children, caring mother and wife, is it worth climbing to the top of the career ladder only because so now do most? Think about it, what would you like to spend your life as you want it to hold. What are the goals you aspire to do and what you forced upon society. And, prioritize, do not waste myself on you do not need fulfillment. Listen to yourself to determine what you will be easier - strong or weak. Rebellious character or domosedstvo - what do you gravitate?

But do not let the difficulties to break you. Remember - you can do much more than think for yourself. Sometimes a little trouble able to unsettle, but the problem is really not worth a long experience, no tears. Know how to properly look at the problem: just imagine that ten years ago. Is it still tragic event occurred? If so, let yourself grieve. But do not give up, do not stop to strive for their goals. When there are people to whom you can shoulder all your worries and cry to him, much easier to be weak. But all this person to you? Do you not lose with him inner balance, faith in yourself? Be able to manage only their own, no matter how much they have ever been.

When you need all your strength when overcome the difficulties of life, just believe in yourself. Do not hide behind an excuse - "I'm a woman, I must be weak." After the fair sex a lot stronger in spirit, which is capable of more. Believe in yourself, fight the ills and stereotypes about women's weakness. After all, women are weak only in the presence of a strong man.

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