Practical psychology of suggestion

Practical psychology of suggestion
 Waking suggestion expressed emotionally saturated imperative or inspire tone in the form of short sharp sentences, usually often repeated. In this case, it is accompanied by a number of speaker signals that are sent by gestures, facial expressions and intonation. In this case, the speaker can not be aware of these signals.

Signals can weaken or strengthen the value of the information to influence the nature of the verification process (and hence their effect) effect of suggestion.

The same words that were announced the same volume, and said in the same tone, depending on who they are told (the authority of the speaker), may have different levels of meaning in the degree and have different effects inspiring character.

It is worth noting that the authoritative person, the lower estimate of the critical nature meets his treatment or speech. As a rule, this important and acute importance aspect of revitalizing the old reflexes, which were formed in childhood (the words are perceived by teachers or parents without a thorough critical processing, ie blindly).

Rational psychotherapy (in particular, its elements) are needed in the daily work of every physician.

Appliances psychotherapy rational character is close conversation with the patient. During the conversation, the doctor explains to him are the causes of the disease and the nature of the patient's existing violations. Also, the doctor encourages the patient thoroughly change their internal relation to acute, exciting events and stop him to focus on the symptoms of a pathological nature, which is already in the patient. In other words, the more the patient perceives and processes of persuasion and reason prove a physician who performs psychotherapy, and the more effective the result of suggestion.

Suggestion reality, unlike psychotherapy rational direction, making the patient target of a psychological nature.

When conducting a rational therapy doctor aims to strengthen synthetic - analytical process activity of the patient.

During waking suggestion associative process rebuilds and corresponds to the content of suggestion that the patient connects with something irresistible, compulsory, but at the same time is not alien to its own settings.

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