Posleotpusknaya depression

Posleotpusknaya depression
 Holiday comes to an end, you are full of energy, great mood, but once you find yourself at home - all this somewhere evaporates. There is discomfort, great reluctance to go to work, drowsiness, lethargy and depression. This is the case for many people, especially for those who experience chronic stress at work.

Vacation is over, but all of a sudden you become a victim of such phenomena as posleotpusknaya depression. First, that in this case should be done - stop and think for a short while. Is not it time you change jobs? To change something in your life? If you are so reluctant to return to it, maybe there really is something wrong?

In fact, psychologists say that to draw the line between normal life and leave properly. Life should not be divided into two parts: a small, during which you are carefree and happy, and more, in which you are just waiting for the work and problems.

Drained after the holiday - a common occurrence. This investigation, including the fact that while you relax by the sea or in an exotic country, are all there for you was a new, completely different. Organism coordinated and prepared to accept a new life. And then it was over, and you're at home, in a familiar atmosphere. Now all the accumulated fatigue can splash out. Besides, you're back there, where every day is promised adventure and new experiences, and here at home, all the same.

How to avoid posleotpusknoy depression? There are a few guidelines to follow that to cope with depression is much easier. First, back from vacation in advance, for a day or two. Many are trying to snatch from the holiday as much as possible, organizing it so that on Sunday evening to fly home, and on Monday morning has to go to work. This is the wrong approach. Stress and fatigue, which appeared during the trip, exacerbated by fatigue from the road, and it turns out to relax once. In the morning, you may not even slept, come to work, and depression posleotpusknaya right there, still sleepy.

The first few days, try to work less. Do not rush to take on all the cases. Sign in rut slowly and gradually, otherwise you can just overdo it. Do not plan to rest immediately after the resolution of important matters.

You return from vacation a little changed man, and these changes are always for the better. What you are dissatisfied with something, a good incentive to change and improve. For example, to adjust its mode of the day so that sleep. Start an exercise program or run in the evenings. Sign up for a dance, if you have long dreamed about it. Do something that will improve your life and positive energy accumulated for a vacation, will not be lost in vain!

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