New femininity

New femininity
 Everything changes over time, including the most seemingly immutable concepts, such as femininity.

However, the reality is much more complicated, and what we believe today feminine, more recently are not. What has changed over the millennia of human existence on earth, divided into two sexes?

Conditionally history of femininity can be divided into three stages: the first woman, or a woman underrated; the second woman, or a woman who delights, and a third woman, or a woman indeterminirovannaya or uncertain (Gilles Lipovetsky, "The Third Woman"). What characterizes these categories?

Primitive society did not give female beauty of the importance that we attach to today. Moreover, the concept of "fair sex" appeared recently - at the dawn of a new era. And until that time, men do not praised and glorified feminine charms, sometimes even on the contrary - in many ancient literature describing man's appearance was given more space than the description of feminine beauty. Old woman, of course, have a certain social status, but he had nothing to do with admiration of their beauty - all that was required of women for hundreds and thousands of years, a reproduction of the human race. Yes, women endowed with divine powers, rendering them praise, but only as a bearer of unique skills - to bear children. Women were symbols of fertility and wealth, but never beauty.

Woman's appearance began to play an important role in her life only a couple of thousand years ago, when the ancient Greeks established in their myths and legends of the beautiful women in part dangerous goddess, who had power over mortals. Basically, the distinguished inhabitant of Olympus from all others, it was their appearance, blind with their beauty. From this point on female beauty becomes a symbol of superiority over others, giving women some opportunities to achieve the desired only by their appearance.

Over the centuries, women devote artwork and gave life for them. It was during this period appears the so-called image of "vamp": beautiful and dangerous, inaccessible and semolina. "Hammer of Witches", raged in Europe in the Middle Ages, worked on the principle of the destruction of the gene pool of the nation: the witches were determined by external signs, it tended to be a beautiful woman, who attracted the attention of many men and the envy of other women. They were smart and independent women who are familiar with the basics of medicine and knew how to treat patients, for which he considered to be witches. Beautiful woman in this period becomes a symbol of evil and misery, and with her begin to actively fight. Thus, recently praised in poems and songs beauties become social outcasts.

At the end of the dark ages there comes a golden age in which a woman can once again feel safe, and the exaltation of her beauty again rises to a new level: it is again the inspiration for poets and artists, but she has long had an opportunity to realize their potential, and from now on for several centuries to come a woman can only inspire.

However, with the advent of the twentieth century, everything starts to change. Two world wars have shown that a woman is quite capable of costs in the home without a man is able to provide not only themselves, but also the entire industry, working in factories and in the field, prokarmlivaya warring army and growing children and creating weapons for military purposes. All these unexpected for women became the basis of the facts of the revolution, is committed in the minds of representatives now finally the fair sex, and women began to fight for equality with men miss the fact that gender equality is impossible in principle. Won the right to choose whether to choose a marriage or a civil marriage, a partner for sex and number of children, women forgot their domestic needs. Having obtained the right to engage in non-judgmental society spiritless or noncommittal sex, women do not take into account that such sex will not bring them any pleasure, because the internal needs of women require deep romantic affection for your partner to obtain the pleasure that get men doing a quickie.

And what we are seeing today, when outside the third millennium. Who is she today - a woman?

Perhaps the most important thing is that we were able to understand women living today, is that the struggle with the senseless nature. Perhaps today was the beginning of the era of truly free choice of women, and not imposed by society, fashion or pseudo-morality opinions. Today, she understands that you need to love yourself no matter how it relates to the surrounding. Understands that if she wants to have children, it is not abnormal and that it has the right. And if you want: to have children, her husband, a big house - it is also quite normal, and is not ashamed is not to say that it can not realize itself. Today, women are laughing on standards of beauty that they are still trying to impose gloss. Today, women finally come to terms with the fact that they are not able to work as much as men do, and they are free to say about their employers, claiming the right to work allotted 8 hours a day and do not be afraid to be fired because she refused stay after work. In short, today's woman tries to stop to think about what it should be, and is trying to become what it wants to be.

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