How to stop offense

How to stop offense
 The word "offense" is related to human pain. This feeling arises in response to the collapse of the hopes and ideals. When a person is waiting for one, and gets quite another. It is sometimes difficult to cope.
 On the touchy people hard, and what to do if you recognize yourself in the descriptions of these kinds of people? And why you are more sensitive than others? The point of your gentle soul, subtle emotions and some children's properties of your psyche. Completely get rid of all these features and cease to be offended is not easy, nor is not always necessary. They can be turned into advantages that will allow others to put up with your touchiness.

We need to develop the opposite direction of its quality. Sensitivity is useful to you in order to understand and reassure the person in trouble. If you learn to focus more on the outside world, you are sure to find someone who needs support more than you do. And so you can buy a lot of friends who forgive you touchiness.

 The subtlety of emotions occurs only in such sensitive individuals who know true love and childhood contact with beauty. Gonna image - romantic tale, in reality can only be sensitive person who from childhood had seen examples of emotional creativity highest standard. Share your experience and knowledge of beauty for its vivid and inspiring emotions. Splash out resentment in the verses, paintings, sculptures. But we should not focus only on the poor, give your loved ones warm and endows them with their joyful emotions.

 In my heart you were a child, that is what you love the most by others. For sincerity, for what you withdraws emotionally for themselves. Of course, a little grow up can not hurt. Just to make it clear that a person who is offended, punish himself and deprives himself of communication and participation in the life of the world. And any insulation leads to cardiac development. And your reaction, in turn, can hurt a man who did not live up to your expectations, that is indicative of the fact that he - not good. It is a vicious circle from which you can exit only way for forgiveness. And you should start with self-love, which will not feel flawed.

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