How to reduce stress in 10 seconds

How to reduce stress in 10 seconds
 Stress - a concept that many have experienced myself. There is a feeling of irritability, anxiety, fear, anger and even rage. It is ready to throw out all the negative on the inner circle. You need time to take control of their emotions.  

When you feel that stress covers your entire body, you should just distract from work, have a cup of hot black tea. After all, it contains substances that help in the fight against stress. Think about something good, focus on the most important and the main thing in your life. Learn to appreciate what gave you life - a loving mother, a sensitive child, a faithful husband. When you think of themselves native people involuntarily smile and relieve stress.

Another good way to fight against the "plague of the 21st century" is considered a meal, such as nuts. They contain tryptophan, serotonin is involved in the formation, vitamins B and E, as well as antioxidants - substances able to overcome stress. If you have at hand askorbinka or fruits containing vitamin C, be sure to take them. But to get involved too, should not - or can cause allergies.

If you are chastised boss in his office for some mistake or error, and on the desktop stack of papers and unfinished business, of course, your state will not envy. Anger and resentment and want to escape. So do not hold a negative - take a clean sheet of paper and a pen and write everything that you are unhappy. Paper endure all. Only after the soul is poured out, be sure to delete the sheet, so that your colleagues do not know about your problems.

In dealing with stress you can just do some sports exercise, even in the office. If there is a secluded place, you can do a little workout. A few sit-ups, swings his arms and legs will distract you from the problems and tune in the desired fashion. If no such place, you can simply pull the legs off the floor and reach out your hands to the tips of the toes. Just do not overdo it, exercise should be done with pleasure.

Once you feel that is about to fall through, just examined in the workplace: a cloth wipe the monitor and the table, move documents into folders, etc. So you and forget about the stress, and pleasant working conditions create.

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