How to pass the interview

How to pass the interview
 Who does not dream about the work that would bring decent content material and is fully consistent with our interests, individual inclinations? That is why we are constantly searching for, write, send out dozens of resume in the hope of finding a job, a dream. And so, in response to the effort, you are invited for an interview. What should I do to get noticed, isolated from dozens of applicants and invited to work?

A few words about the formal side of the issue. First, pay attention to their appearance (after all, meet the "dress for success"). It is not necessary to put on a formal suit, but the dress should conform to generally accepted requirements of the position for which you are applying.

Secondly, neatness. There is no need to attend the interview, a beauty salon, but tidy hair, shave necessary. Tip for the ladies - do not overdo it with makeup, it should not be provocative, distracting the interviewer.

Third, be punctual. You can not force yourself to wait (wedge in an interview, "running" between the club and swimming pool). However, to come in an hour before the appointed time, "an eyesore" the person in charge, to divert from the planned cases is not necessary. It is enough to come for 5-6 minutes before the interview.

Very important first few minutes - familiarity. Be polite, say hello (allowed handshake), introduce yourself. Despite the natural in such cases, the excitement, stay confident, but without familiarity.

In preparing for the interview, click exemplary style of behavior. Not recommended heroics, endlessly enumerating its advantages and merits at the same place of work (I can do everything). However, cry the blues, his need to put on the show (I have three children, in need of funds, is ready to do any work for 10-12 hours per day) is not necessary.

During the interview, try not to leave the questions raised unanswered. In the event that something you do not understand, ask again, please specify. Avoid one word answers, try to give them a form of conversation.

The emphasis is on your skills, knowledge you possess a sufficient level. Do not underestimate their talents, but cheating is not acceptable. If the performance of official duties require knowledge that you do not have, it is better to say about it in advance, convincing interlocutor in full readiness to learn, desire to raise their level of qualification.

Asked about his previous job, do not talk about it only negative. Even if the parting with the previous leadership was disputed, justify the cause without insulting statements (do not hide this fact, because the call to your employer easily reveal deception).

As a rule, completing the interview, you will be prompted to ask questions. Be sure to prepare them in advance. Pick the Internet (or with friends), all you can find on the work of the company, its size, income. Use the information in question (the source appreciate your interest and awareness).

It is pertinent to the question of salary. Be prepared for the fact that in response you will be asked to specify the desired size. It must be specific and not to assess your wants and needs, and the level of the market value of the work for which you are applying.

Finishing the conversation, regardless of the outcome, say goodbye politely. If the result is negative, and you want to work in this company, ask them to leave your resume in the database for possible employment in another post.

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