For Fetish answer! ..

For Fetish answer! ..
 Fetishism - is the earliest form of human religious culture. It was the fact that an object endowed with supernatural properties, took on super-value and become an object of worship. About sexual fetishism say when people are attracted to any object or part of the human body.  

Fetish can be anything you want, any object or thing, however, is the most common fetishes. Often sexual fetish for men becomes lingerie, panties and stockings especially. Fetishists experience satisfaction in watching these garments a woman, inhaling their smell. Sometimes the sexual act for them is possible only after such excitement, and sometimes he did not need them at all.

Women's shoes (certainly on a high thin heel) - another popular male fetish. Fetishist may experience sexual arousal, looking at women in elegant shoes, but often takes a form of passion that it susceptible woman ceases to be necessary, it is enough pairs of shoes. Some even copulate with them.

Often fetish - a silk fabric, fur or latex. Sacher Masoch, for example, wrote his "Venus in Furs", which describes the passion for a woman, wrapped in a luxurious fur.

Fetish can become not only an inanimate object, but some part of the human body. For example, for men it can be a woman's breasts, buttocks or legs. Women may experience fetishistic desire for body hair.

A rare form of fetishism - attraction to statues and sculpture.

Psychologists and psychiatrists there is no definitive answer to the question why there is fetishistic attachment and passion. There are attempts to explain the fetishism of the fact that man, as it pulls away, distancing himself from his own nature and sexuality, as if it were something dirty and shameful, and transfer his passion for helping him get rid of the guilt.

Previously fetishism clearly attributed to distortions, but now use a softer concept - paraphilia, which can be translated as passion, located beyond the usual norms. The form of fetishism is different, sometimes a person just experiencing sexual arousal from seeing or owning a certain subject, but sometimes fetish completely replaces human normal sex. For the most part peaceful and harmless, sometimes fetishists become dangerous. For example, some serial maniacs were fetishists.

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