Erickson hypnosis

Erickson hypnosis
 The word "hypnosis", many associated with the magnetic gaze; soft and "Sleep" in a voice that tells you what to do; rotating spiral, which is necessary to take a closer look; swinging a stick in the hands of the hypnotist. It's a stereotype, but it's actually, you must first understand.

Area in which hypnosis was used, changed dramatically about the second half of the XIX century. Important role in this process played the French physician Jean-Martin Charcot, when he began to actively use the classic hypnosis in medicine.

Erickson hypnosis - a hypnotic technique that offered M.Erikson. This technique became known as the "new hypnosis" and its main difference from traditional is the absence in the position of the hypnotist authoritarianism. It is proved that Erickson hypnosis positive effect in psychosomatic and psychological problems. The method shows a positive trend when dealing with phobias, sexual and marital problems, various addictions, PTSD, as well as common in recent disturbances in eating behavior.

To date, this technique is considered to be the most effective of the known modern methods of psychotherapy. Erickson said that each person can immerse yourself in a hypnotic state, which is also called "trance". Say more, each of us is doing it daily. At a time when we go to sleep, but not yet asleep, before my eyes there are various images that transport us to a world on the brink of sleep and waking. This can occur even in the truck when you fall into slumber - voices become distant, travel time flies by.

Trans - is a state of consciousness in which the focus of our attention is focused not on the external world (as usual), but on the inside. The brain can not always be on top of conscious control. Relaxation times of need, and in another, a trance. At these moments, the mind works differently: activated structures that are responsible for intuition, creative perception of the world, creative thinking. It is in such a state of enlightenment come or are the correct answers, which fought over more than one day.

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