Dirty deeds sissy

Dirty deeds sissy
 Sissy - these are people who despise the mud and dirty and did not recognize the people who do not share their views on the world around us. But is ideal sissy in his quest for purity, as they think themselves? And do not make dirty deeds they?

In fact, even sissy commit dirty deeds. However, these actions are directed not against purity and against the world. Here are the most common include:

Act first - a simple misunderstanding.
The biggest sissy dirty deed can be called what they did not accept the views of others. So, my point of view they believe the only true. Others - even not taken into account. In fact, sissy does not have to change their attitude to the world, if it suits them. For them, the important thing - to understand and give the right to exist and other worldviews.

The second act - active discontent.
Sissy themselves do not cause others to certain aggression pores. Negative for these people appear when they openly evince hostility towards others, their way of life, world view. If you are in the shower sissy, do not show his dissatisfaction aloud. Resents better in silence.

The third act - a general dissatisfaction with everything.
Sissy often - this is a very insecure people who evince dissatisfaction, discontent as all others. In connection with this, not to make himself a sissy or anyone else, it would still be dissatisfied with the end result. It's incredibly annoying others and repel each sissy. Keep this in mind if you're a sissy, and try, at least, to represent their satisfaction.

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