Cure for laziness

Cure for laziness
 Although lazy sometimes called the engine of progress, in real life it is more hindrance than help. It is impossible to succeed, sitting on the ground. However, to overcome themselves and do not most beloved and pleasant task is not easy. Struggle with laziness takes more than one day, but the result is worth it.

Unwillingness to perform a particular task may be due to lack of motivation. If you finish the project by Monday need to avoid conflict with the martinet, it is unlikely you will be able to maintain interest in the case and performance. However, if you have already decided how to spend the premium received for the development of the project, the motivation to continue for a long time.

If the deal does not give you any benefits, including moral, it is unlikely you will be able to perform well and in a timely manner it. So try to keep the number of uninteresting activities to a minimum, spending their time on something more useful.

It happens that the amount of work is so great that fear to take on such a large scale business makes to postpone it again and again. In this case it is necessary to divide it into several parts and perform in stages. On the first day ponder and write a plan where tick intermediate tasks and goals. Then think about the approximate dates. Work on small tasks much easier, because the result is visible almost immediately.

Train yourself to write a list of things you need to perform on the day. This will help you focus on the right things, less distracted by extraneous thoughts and activities. Very often important thoughts disappear from the head, it is necessary for half an hour to sit down at the TV or computer. But do not try to fit too much into the list of tasks that do not accomplish everything you will experience only frustration and dissatisfaction. Scheduled case should take no more than 60% of your time.

Create the right atmosphere. If you get bored watching and cleaning - including music and bring the house in order to the fiery rhythms. Cases requiring focus and concentration to perform better in silence, turning off the TV and radio.

Do not forget to take breaks. Ideal - 15-20 minutes of rest every hour, but if you find it hard to hold one and the same thing for 40 minutes, it can be interrupted every half hour. Just do not sit near the computer, playing games or depend on social networks. It is better to knead the muscles by doing a couple of exercises, drink tea or exit to the balcony for fresh air.

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