Workaholism. Cause and effect

Workaholism. Cause and effect
 Work is an integral part of our lives. We have no end of her talk, think, wanted, many of us find the remaining minutes before the end of the day, others on the contrary - is entirely given to her. Each of us will surely be able to find its own justification as to why it somehow relates to their work. However, unfortunately, not many of us know the real reasons for this attitude to work.

We all know that thanks to the work we get the desired promotion and achievement of its goals. In the case of human abilities and powers have not been recognized in children, working, it will constantly strive to achieve their goals. These goals can be quite varied.

The main thing is trying to get a man - is to achieve the much desired approval from others for his work, which he did not get as a child. They are eager to prove to others (and above all to themselves) that they are able to do so. Do it in spite of them attached to the labels in childhood. There are many children's labels, and often they are the originators of workaholism, although sometimes lead to other consequences.

It is not necessary to rank among the workaholics all the people who one way or another hard at work. In modern society, there is a perception that a workaholic - a kind of stigma attached to the man. However, there are a certain number of people who genuinely enjoy what they are just busy with something. They enjoy not only the result of their labor, but also the process of work. Such people tend to be characterized by an adequate self-esteem, and work for them is an integral part of life. It is for these people fit the concept of "hard-working". In addition, a man working twelve hours do not have to be a workaholic.

Workaholic same applies to the work as the only method of self-expression and self-actualization. Such a person believes that gain recognition and enjoyment of life is possible only through the work. She stands in the foreground, in front of private life, family, hobbies, entertainment, and friends. Workaholism sometimes even considered as one of the varieties of addiction. There is nothing surprising, such a person can easily be compared to a drug addict, an alcoholic, gambling addiction.

Sometimes it happens that the workaholic is a kind of sponge that endlessly absorbs psychological trouble. Such a person's head goes into operation, avoiding loneliness, personal problems, inability to communicate with others, to adequately resolve conflict. As statistics show, and the life, it is most often leads to depression. It can not immediately recognize it may be first migraine, malaise, weakness, however, the symptoms can be more serious, such as a heart disorder.

Workaholics tend to be more susceptible to the effects of stress, rather than ordinary people. Usually, they are much too high level of anxiety. Too much time and energy is spent on dealing with stress. Unfortunately, workaholic does not know where to find resources for recuperation, causing ill. The most common diagnosis inherent in such people, it is vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Doctors have long been quite officially announced that the cause of most of our diseases is the nervous system. That is why we are all aware that starting treatment, we treat not only insomnia, hypertension or diabetes. We need to get rid of the reasons why a disease that is often stressful.

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