Why are we the time?

Why are we the time?
 Says everyone's favorite Dr. House: "Everybody lies." It really lie - for good or harm, either accidentally or deliberately, often or rarely, small or big, but all lie and lie every day. Lie is so different in purpose and scope, which accounted for about this a positive or negative opinion is quite impossible. But why all the lies? And is it necessary?

For comparison, we can take the two situations. Situation One: The girl is lying young man that she was pregnant, so he married her, she hoped in this way to tie him to her, make love and it does not think about what will happen when the deception will be revealed. Situation Two: The girl asks the young man if she recovered. A young man sees that the girl really little plumper, but does not want to upset her and says that she looks wonderful. And in the first and in the second situation are examples of fraud. But can they compare with each other?

What, in fact, the motives are pushing us to the fact that we lie? In fact, they are not so much. This desire to receive any benefit either for themselves or for another person, and yet it is fear for themselves or for others. When a young child is lying, that it was not he broke the vase, it is driven by fear - he is afraid that he will be punished. When the student or the student's lying that he did homework, it is driven by fear and desire for profit - he is afraid of two and wants to encourage.

When a person is lying, so as not to hurt the other person, in this case we are talking about so-called "lie for the good." Can I lie for the good? Of course, it is possible, if a person is 100% can be confident that the truth will never emerge. However, it always pops up, and as we were taught in childhood, all the secret certainly becomes obvious. It should immediately be borne in mind, going on deception, and it is understood that when the truth comes up, the person will be many times more painful than it would be if you had once told him the bitter truth.

Sometimes a man just a pleasure to lie. Most of these people - just inveterate dreamers. They lie not with evil, do not want to be praised, not afraid of punishment. Just their ordinary life seems boring to them, and they paint her own inventions, which are usually taken around with a smile and gentleness. Only such visionaries should remember that at one point they lie might lead them too far, and not everyone is willing to tolerate such behavior.

In any case, the person is lying mostly unconsciously, without even noticing that he lied. And as long as this innocent lie brings no consequences, no one does not spoil the life and brings pain and grief, then it seems, there is nothing to worry about. Wean a person to lie at all - it is impossible, moreover, a man who always tells the truth, can be taken very negatively.

The main thing is to lie to hurt no one - neither you nor others. And the rest, perhaps you can forgive yourself.

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