Want to control your mood?

Want to control your mood?
 Whoever said that the mood is changeable and depends on the weather conditions, events occurred per day, or the behavior of loved ones - it is not true. Rather, partly true, if you do not know how to control your mood. In fact, the nature of man laid a function of self-control emotional background. In other words, a person initially able to control mood, however, not everyone realizes this. Take control of your mood will help the following steps.  

If you are angry, then before answering pesky companion, count to twenty. During this time, the condition of your nervous system is stabilized, and you will not dampen the spirits themselves and others.

Do not allow to fall mood and favorite music included at full volume. Thus, the positive energy will replace tiredness and again lift your spirits.

Spend a sweet evening. Arrange a gala dinner with your favorite movies. You deserve it today.

When the above mentioned tips do not help, and the mood of risk decreased to a negative figure, should be addressed motivating attitudes. Repeated several times to myself that today - the best day of my life, the charm that can not afford to spoil anyone. Then smiled broadly and with pleasure. Then recall pleasant events, funny stories, jokes gay friends and try to stay longer at this wavelength, mentally continuing development of past adventures. This will help change the thought process with internal unrest and disorder on positive emotions, inspire new feats of accomplishment.

As a result, the power of thought and dream you can pay off not only the cause of a bad mood, but simply to improve the quality of past days.

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