Victims of violence: themselves to blame?

Victims of violence: themselves to blame?
 Statistics show that only about 15% of women victims of violence, turning to law enforcement. Unfortunately, it is often the perpetrators go unpunished, and continue to do its horrors. Many people believe that victims of violence are to blame. Is it really?

Most of the violence used to understand a crime taking place in the streets, roads, entrances, elevators. Undoubtedly, these cases are infinitely many. But there is also violence at work at the institute, at home. These crimes are often unpunished. Sexual harassment is superior to a subordinate, teacher to student, adult children are also frequent. On the question of why the violence occurred, the perpetrator is responsible: the one to blame.

Blame the victim that happened? Long-term studies indicate that, indeed, many women actually blame for the fact that violence is happening to them. Women often provoke their behavior sexual harassment. Although this does not mean that every case can be treated in this way. Quite a lot of crime occurs spontaneously, when circumstances conducive to crime (night walks, stay on vacant lots, in deserted places).

She is guilty woman when she gave a reason for sexual harassment. So consider the majority of men who committed the crime. How should we understand these words? The thing is that flirting woman many men misinterpret, and accept "no" not as a failure but as "fatten" Statement price. In addition, many men stayed stereotype warrior getter winner. Moreover, at the time of the crime, he considers himself not a rapist and a seducer. Undoubtedly, in most cases there is not only the presence of mental disorders in the rapist, but also the lack of adequate education. Mannered man will always find a way to tactfully express their interest and their intentions.

Another point that allows violence to develop, and not to reduce their rates. Society itself has exposed the verdict to all victims, and now almost every criminal feels kind of specific support from the community. People for some reason does not condemn the criminal, not destroy him morally, and cover, detract from his act for its "own fault". It should be noted that, as yourself or kept woman, can not justify the crime, namely social influence can reduce the crime rate.

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