Spring motivator: how to put himself in a sense

Spring motivator: how to put himself in a sense
 Spring, the birds are singing, I want to live, honey! And you avtiaminoz allergic to pollen, blue complexion and those extra pounds. Not for nothing that spring begins exacerbation of disease, bouts of depression and fatigue. Down with the blues! Spring - time to love, and to receive from life the best. Learning to adjust itself to the correct way and use this time to the maximum.

As strange as it may sound, the spring need special emphasis was placed on what you absolutely do not want to engage in. No strength to get up off the couch and get to the garbage - start to move more. Walk up the stairs instead of the elevator, get off one stop earlier and walk on foot, spend more time in traffic and in the open air. Even if you barely move your feet and back with these walks half-dead, still walk, it is much more useful than lie on the couch at home.

Buy a juicer and cook yourself daily fresh juice. You are too lazy, do not have the mood and it seems that everything is from this there is no good? Still overpower yourself and start doing it. Firstly, to enrich the diet with vitamins very real, very useful for combating vitamin deficiency, and, secondly, will take the extra fifteen minutes of his life another action.

Spend more time in the sun. Vitamins - it's good, of course, but without sunlight from them very little sense. Therefore, to enhance the effect of fresh juices and walks, take a sun bath. Among other things, you can thus significantly improve your postzimny strange complexion, get rid of pimples and improve mood. You must agree to look in the mirror on the tanned body is much nicer than deathly pale, reeking blue.

Review your diet, get rid of all the fat, spicy, smoked, pickled, sweet and heavy. That is, from all that you so enjoyed the plenty in the winter. In the spring of the body does not need to save energy, it is necessary to spend, here and join in consumption rather than accumulation. Add to your diet more vegetables and fruits as well as dairy products and mineral water. Such a diet will quickly regain form after the winter, and in addition you will create a feeling of lightness and greater freedom. And that is exactly what you need now and, is not it?

Go to a beauty salon and a change in yourself anything. Color your hair a new color, make a fashionable haircut or just a new hairstyle. Treat yourself to a spa treatment or massage. Believe me, after a long winter, you and your body is really deserved. And when you exit from the salon, fall in love with someone. Incidentally, this is the best cure for all depressions and bad mood. Enjoy the spring, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

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