Some live in the past, some of the future and the present, only a few!

Some live in the past, some of the future and the present, only a few!
 When a person lives? That's it now, at this very moment, at this very moment. What is happening to us now, will never happen again, and each new breath, every stroke of eyelashes - is unique because it is the only, the next will already be quite different. So why do people do not notice the things that happen to them in the present, and spend all of their spiritual and physical strength to the memories of the past experiences or excitement about the future and how to learn to live here and now?

Well, first of all, is to understand the reason why you do not notice what is happening here and now, and think constantly about the past or the future? You would think that before your life was much better and you live memories or, on the contrary, before everything was so badly that you can not live a day not to remember about it? Or maybe you're constantly thinking about what tests you prepare the future and can not because of this sleep at night here in the present?

Whatever it was, understand one thing - the past has passed. It is dissolved, it is not! Whatever it is for you not - bad or beautiful, if you constantly think about it, nothing will change. Yes, of course, pleasant memories - a wonderful thing. They improve mood, help to smile and feel much better, but it's just memories. It may be well once you have lived and rejoiced, so why would you need to spend a piece of your life right now, to sacrifice the opportunity to experience new emotions, in order to remember what has passed? Time, which flows continuously in your today you can use for new experiences and be happy, not in the past, remembering, and in the present - and this is much better!

There is a wonderful saying, "Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today", follow this rule not only in urgent matters, but also in the mind. Do not think that now you do not have much of anything good, but it's a good thing to happen to you very soon in the future. Always look for the good in the present, even if it seems difficult or impossible. Just think, every day, you can, if desired, to find something remarkable: the birds singing outside the window, a rainbow after the storm, a new flower on houseplants. Tune in to a positive future, of course, necessary, but do not confuse this attitude with overlapping of today. After all, you live today and why something did not happen beautiful right now?

What certainly is not worth doing, so it takes a detailed experience negative experience from the past. You were bad and hurt, very sad and lonely, but once upon a time. Even if it happened a few days ago, think - now something quite other day a new one. Start a new day with a clean slate, without looking back at the past, no matter how infinitely sad and many tears, it may seem to you. Learn to live one day, sometimes it is necessary. Imagine that today is the last day of your life. Take this time to positive emotions and things to do rather than meaningless sad memories.

Plan your business is today. Tell yourself that today - perfect for the development of a skill. Today you will be able to learn a new recipe today teach a child to tie shoelaces, today planted the seeds of flowers that are in your closet forever. Not tomorrow, not next week, but today, because today - your present! Do not waste it in vain, live chat now!

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